The 8 Best Apps and Gadgets to Kick-start Your Healthy Life

For those who don’t know me, I’m very, very obsessed with technology. I’m all about reading about and then (hopefully) owning the latest and greatest. I can usually be found carrying three devices with me when heading into the office (a gen 1 iPod Touch, his Droid, and his BlackBerry), and I can probably list about eight stereo/TV-related devices in my bedroom alone. (Yes, I AM single.)
I relish my work on technology brands here at Ketchum, but I also have interests in technology outside of the office as well — specifically, anything health-related. Over the last year, I’ve become knowledgeable and passionate about technology that enables me to lead a healthier lifestyle. With that new desire and drive, I am now blogging about that topic for DVICE, a technology blog. My first post recently went up on July 25.