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“Stephansplatz Stink” (Scent & the City)

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“Stephansplatz Stink” (Scent & the City)

Below Vienna’s breathtaking central square Stephansplatz, lies a railway station known for stinking something awful. Ketchum asked the question, “Could Stephansplatz be deodorized?" It was a bold campaign idea, but would the smelliest railway station in the country pass the sniff test of a quarter-million daily commuters and provide the ideal setting for introducing Austrians to Borotalco®, a super-fragrant, double-effective deodorant by client Bolton?

Ketchum transformed Stephansplatz into a mystery scent oasis and for three days, 100+ digital screens invited people to “Take a deep breath!” Soon, once-stinky Stephansplatz became a U-Bahn must-stop. The “Stephansplatz mystery” campaign garnered 1.7+ million media impressions, and, in under a month, Borotalco gained 2% market share; in three months, it met annual sales projections.


  • 2015 Global Sabre
  • PR Report 2015 – Consumer Marketing
  • European Excellence Award 2014 – DACH
  • European Excellence Award 2014 – Product Launch
  • Austrian State PR Award 2014

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