Influencer Relationship Management

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Influencer Relationship Management

It’s getting harder to reach target audiences with mainstream marketing messages. The reason? Bombardment. The average consumer gets thousands of commercial and personal communications daily. Add questions of corporate credibility and it’s easy to see why an outbreak of books, articles and blogs about a company can cast doubt on traditional advertising and marketing strategies.

Ketchum Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) helps companies overcome these communications challenges. We identify, connect and manage clients’ relationships with the marketing influencers that buyers listen to. Increasingly, consumers are looking to individuals or small groups with specific knowledge as to what, where, why and how they should buy, think and act. We expand the net, so you can identify and engage a wide range of influencers. Through primary and secondary research, we identify, evaluate, prioritize and benchmark the perceptions and attitudes of leading influencers in each of these areas:

  • Buyer/Key Target Influencers: make final purchasing decisions or take final actions leading to a desired change
  • Ultimate Influencers: most likely to exercise maximum positive influence over buyer/key targets
  • Determined Detractors: most likely to exercise maximum negative influence over buyer/key targets
  • Initial Influencers: most likely to have the greatest impact on the buyer/key targets, ultimate influencers and determined detractors

Most companies don't have a formal program in place to identify and manage these critical relationships. This is where Ketchum IRM can lead the way.